About BRKB

About BRKB

Bangladesh Rice Knowledge Bank (BRKB)

BRKB is a treasure of rice knowledge. This is a dynamic source of knowledge that will be updated regularly to keep consistency with the latest innovations and users’ feedback. The BRKB contains rice knowledge to address the regional as well as national issues associated with rice production and training. It started with rice but extends promise to be expanded to non-rice technologies in future.

Most of the materials i.e. fact sheets, training manuals, book lets, leaflets, brochures, posters, videos, have been prepared in Bangla, which are easy understandable to farmers and extension workers. Senior scientists of Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) have been prepared the contents of fact sheets and other training and communications materials. Below are the main sections of BRKB: Rice cultivation methods

  • Boro Rice varieties and production methods
  • Aman Rice varieties and production methods
  • Aus Rice varieties and production methods
  • Soil and fertilizer management
  • Rice insects and their management
  • Rice diseases and their management
  • Quality rice seed production and preservation methods
  • Irrigation and water management
  • Training
  • Photo Gallery


BRKB uses in different ways:

– Internet and

The extension service providers are the immediate beneficiaries of the BRKB. However, ultimately farmers will be benefited from it. You are welcome to visit the BRKB website and provide feedback.

For comments and suggestions, contact:

Director General
E-mail: dg@brri.gov.bd
Phone No-880-2-49272005-9; 49272010-38; 49272056
Fax No-8802-49272000


Head, Training Division
E-mail: head.train@brri.gov.bd
Phone No-880-2-49272055; 49272005-9; 49272010-38; 9272056 Ext. 519
Fax No-8802-49272000


S.M.Mostafizur Rahman
System Analyst
E-mail: system.analyst@brri.gov.bd; sabrribd@gmail.com
Phone No-880-2-49272055; 49272005-9; 49272010-38; 9272056 Ext. 304
Fax No-8802-49272000